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Matt shares some details of the projects worked on as a consultant for Mindfury Ltd. at their client WeSwap Ltd., where he acted as Full-Stack Team Lead.

In conjunction with Mindfury we helped WeSwap to realize many of their business goals, by building some of their key projects, over the course of an 18 month engagement.

WeSwap Systems Architecture

We provided technical insights to the internal teams by bringing our experience of Systems Architecture and expert knowledge of software development to find solutions to their business goals.

We designed, developed and delivered projects of various sizes, working with internal teams, external suppliers and as stand-alone project teams.

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WeSwap Business.

WeSwap’s people-powered platform has helped almost 400,000 travellers save big time on spending overseas - now we needed to do the same for businesses.

We helped build WeSwap for Business to help - removing expenses admin and making spending for business in any currency cheaper, hassle-free and rewarding for all. Job done

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WeSwap SmartSwap.

Choose your own exchange rates with weswap smart swap. We know that financial exchange (FX) markets can be confusing. The pound’s hot. Then it’s, well, not. The yen is up, the yen is down. One minute you’re hailing the all-mighty dollar, the next you’re dreaming of a world where we all just trade in eggs and bread.

Smart Swap leaves us to monitor the markets for you. So you don’t miss out on more money for your holiday. Just choose your own target exchange rate and amount. Then, if that target is reached any time before your own deadline, we’ll automatically swap your money.

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WeSwap Rate Tracker

Currency exchange is a murky world at the best of times – especially when it feels like rates are fluctuating off the back of every headline or presidential tweet. So we spent a lot of time thinking about how we can users navigate it as easily as possible, so they can get on with the more important business of enjoying their trip.

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What WeSwap said

Working with Matt was a pleasure. He was able to distill the essence of what we were trying to do on every project and helped to turn that into something that really added value quickly. Once he understood the requirements he then developed well following, improving or creating processes rather than just working isolation and still found the time to lead his team brilliantly. I can't recommend Matt highly enough and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Matt again in the future.
James Tucker, Head of Delivery, WeSwap Ltd. May 2019
Matt is an extremely competent engineering team lead and senior developer. His approach to solving complex problems is excellent, and he uses his understanding of business goals and drivers to ensure the features and products that he delivers solve the problems they set out to achieve very effectively. On top of all this, he knows how to get the most out of his team, and so the code that he and his team produce is of the highest quality.
Jamie Merrett, Head of Product at WeSwap Ltd. Jan 2019
It's been great working with Matt! Very driven, knowledgeable and diligent as well as empathetic and fun. He shows a great patience to clarify things with anyone and I think he is a very intelligent man.
Rocher Colás Software Engineer, Mindfury Ltd. Aug 2018