Web Presence

There are many options out there for small businesses to build their own websites, and often these will meet your basic needs.

However, we understand that you want to concentrate on running your business.

We can help you grow your business online, without blowing your budget.


If you would like a quote, or want some friendly advice about what is best for your business. Please get in touch.

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Quality and security

We build websites to the highest standard, and will think about what suits your business best.

  • Design - with users in mind, we will work with you to come up with a design to match your business
  • Best practices - we use the lastest technologies, and best practices to ensure your site stays future proof.
  • Domain name management - we can organise your domain registration etc.
  • Security by default - we will always ensure your site has a valid SSL Certificates
  • Fast hosting - ensuring your visitors always get the best experience when visiting your site
  • Email and Apps integrations - we can integrate services such as GSuite and Office365 with your domain
  • Content management - if your needs stretch to managing changing content, we can provide a system to meet your needs
  • Analytics and Optimisation - we can help you to grow your business by giving you the tools to understand your customers


Websites for tradesmen

We recognise that as a tradesman, it's important to have an online presence, especially when your customers want to verify your professional credentials. That's why we created trade-site.co.uk, to get you up and running quickly.

For £149 we handle the set up and configuration of your secure, single page site, with our clean, simple and standards compliant design. We'll get you up and running quickly.

See trade-site.co.uk
for more details!

Our Services.

We provide high-fidelity web development and software solutions. We work closely with our clients to ensure high quality, on-budget results.

  • Web development, with 15+ years experience building websites from the ground up, or using "off the shelf" packages
  • Troubleshooting and analysis of existing websites with a view to improving speed, reliability and security
  • Software engineering for bigger projects - the full project lifecycle 
  • Consulting/Coaching for development teams (Software development processes, best practices etc.)
  • Architecting efficient technical solutions to meet business needs. 
  • Technical solution consulting for small businesses, startups or project teams (i.e. Helping find the product in the ideas pile)
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