Customer Reviews

Matt did a fantastic job for us on a very short timescale. Easy to work with and we will be using him in the future! Would recommend!
Will Hardy, Hardy's School Photography, Oct 2020
Matt quickly and efficiently sorted out my Wifi issue. I would certainly recommend him for jobs big or small.
Haley Glover, Hand Crafted Love, Oct 2020
We had specific requirements and they were very efficient at creating the new website. Particularly patient and receptive to any changes required to personalise the site. Friendly and easy to deal with. Very happy with the end result. Would highly recommend.
Hastings and St. Leonards Angling Association , September 2020
Very much what I had in mind in terms of look and content. Design and functionality are impressive. Not only was BigBadWeb very attentive and reactive to suggestions, it also offered a flurry of great ideas to make the final product really top.
Tabonina Guesthouse Livingstone, September 2020
Matt has a refreshingly sincere way of wanting to build a solution that truly serves the customer. I worked with Matt for 10 months on a central hub for our Sales team, rebuilding apps as features. His take on solving existing problems with new products spearheaded our programme and delivered key outputs in price matching and direct debit. The best thing I can say about Matt is how passionate and agile he is, proactively putting forward new ideas and never phoning it in — Matt can take MVP and really deliver the viable, not just the minimum. A true gentleman and always willing to step in and lead by example
Arjav Chauhan, Scrum Master at Virgin Atlantic. May 2020
Working with Matt was a pleasure. He was able to distill the essence of what we were trying to do on every project and helped to turn that into something that really added value quickly. Once he understood the requirements he then developed well following, improving or creating processes rather than just working isolation and still found the time to lead his team brilliantly. I can't recommend Matt highly enough and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Matt again in the future.
James Tucker, Head of Delivery, WeSwap Ltd. May 2019
Matt is an extremely competent engineering team lead and senior developer. His approach to solving complex problems is excellent, and he uses his understanding of business goals and drivers to ensure the features and products that he delivers solve the problems they set out to achieve very effectively. On top of all this, he knows how to get the most out of his team, and so the code that he and his team produce is of the highest quality.
Jamie Merrett, Head of Product at WeSwap Ltd. Jan 2019
It's been great working with Matt! Very driven, knowledgeable and diligent as well as empathetic and fun. He shows a great patience to clarify things with anyone and I think he is a very intelligent man.
Rocher Colás Software Engineer, Mindfury Ltd. Aug 2018
I worked alongside Matt for more than a year, what an experience! Matt is knowledgeable, passionate and a critical thinker . He lives and breathes tech on a daily basis , before work while at work and after work. He can get up to speed with simply anything and he enjoys playing with new things. He is an engineer, an architect, a developer, a lead and a collaborative team member. What makes Matt great along with the fact that he delivers with quality and innovative solutions? He is fun, a people catalyst and always brings a smile at work! You will enjoy him at work and after work! I am pretty sure and I hope we will work again soon! Recommended!
Ilesh Darji, Automation Test Lead at Virgin Holidays Ltd. Sept 2017
Matt worked for me at Colossus Bets for 18 months up until September 2016. As well as being strong technically, I always found Matt to be reliable and committed throughout his time with us. Matt is also extremely good natured which means he fits easily into any environment and will be a strong team player wherever he works.
Bernard Marantelli, CEO and Founder at ColossusBets Ltd. Sept 2016
Matt has been an invaluable part of the team. He co-created our new system architecture when it was re-launched in mid-2015, and since then has integrated with over 20 new partners and introduced a host of new features. He always has good ideas, and is generally excellent at getting the job done.
Myles Milston, CTO at Colossus Bets. Aug 2016
I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Matt Stabeler for more then 1 year, during which he was leading the front-end team. Above all, I was impressed with Matt’s ability to motivate us and his ability to manage the projects. And, of course, his humour. Matt would be a true asset for any positions requiring Javascript/AngularJs/Node and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.
Aurel Tirnovanu, Software Engineer at ColossusBets Ltd. Aug 2016
Matthew is a very friendly, intelligent and obliging guy, and is a pleasure to work with. His positive attitude and technical abilities are make him an excellent addition to any project or team.
Stephen Knox, Software Engineer at Geneity Ltd. Apr 2010
I'm delighted to recommend Matt as a shining example of a Hull student. He was always intelligent, hard-working and able. It's no surprise that he got First Class honours.
Paul Warren, Lecturer at University of Hull. Mar 2009